Understanding How Football Scoring Works

Part of the fun of following a game is seeing how your team performs, so we provide you with live football score and all the statistics you need. You’ll see live football score and conceded, yellow cards given out by referees and red cards shown to players who are sent off for serious foul play or violent conduct. You will also find out how much possession each side has had throughout the match and how many shots on target they have taken.

It also provides a number of other key events from each football live score result such as corners won at either end or fouls committed by one team against another player.

Ball Possession

  • Team with most ball possession: Chelsea
  • Team with least ball possession: Southampton
  • Team with most ball possession in a half: Manchester United (66 percent) and Chelsea (65 percent)
  • Team with least ball possession in a half: Southampton (33 percent) and Leicester City (32 percent)
  • Team with most ball possession in a match: Chelsea (70 percent) vs. West Ham United
  • Team with least ball possession in a match: Southampton vs. Manchester United

Shots of Target

  • Shots on target are the shots that go directly at the goal and don’t miss.
  • Shots off target are the shots that go wide or high of the goal and don’t hit it.
  • Total shots are all attempted shots, including both on- and off-target attempts.

There are several metrics for measuring how football live score result affect a team’s attack is:

  • Shots on target/total attempts

    = percentage of shots that hit the net; this is an indicator of quality in front of goal

  • Shots on target/shots off target

    = percentage of total chances converted into goals; this can be used to evaluate accuracy but doesn’t account for where they’re being taken from or who is taking them (for example, if a player who typically takes long range shots suddenly starts hitting 90% of his close-range while on football live score result chances instead)

Shots off Target

Shots off target are shots that do not hit the goal or crossbar. A shot on target is a shot that either hits the goal or crosses over it, while a shot off target is any other type of shot that does not fall into this category, including shots blocked by defenders and those which go wide of your opponent’s goal on football live score result without hitting their post.


Corners are a good way to see live football score in all aspects. Here you can see how many corners each team has had and how many goals they have from the live football score and from them.


  • How many fouls have been committed so far?
  • How many times has a player been fouled in the penalty area?
  • How many fouls have each team committed?
  • Who’s committed the most fouls on both teams?

This is a great live football score line for Chelsea. The Blues have been in fantastic form this season and it seems like they are going to be able to maintain the momentum for another few months at least. The only real concern for them would be injuries as Hazard has been out recently due to injury football live score result problems while Pedro has also missed some time due to being out injured.

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